Stainless Silky Filter For Moka Express SSF-57

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This filter eliminates coffee powders from espresso made by Moka Express, and make it silky texture like cafe’s one.

SSF-57 enables you to enjoy tasting smooth and full-bodied espresso because it is made of high grade stainless, made in Japan.(patent pending)

By making full use of high technical ability of Japanese company, we have realized smaller mesh than that of espresso machine.

Designed for the following Moka Express

  • Bialetti Moka Express 3Cups
  • Bialetti Moka Express 4Cups


  • SSF-57 eliminates a lot of powder, but it cannnot remove completely.(Fine Grind: About 30-50%, Medium Fine Grind:About 70-80%)
  • This is not official recognition item from Bialetti.
  • It can be used for Brikka 2Cups, but cannnot make crema due to slow down the speed of extraction. Thank you for your understanding.
  • This item doesnot include Moka Express.


The Moka Express is useful and good coffee maker we enjoy tasting espresso at home.

But its original filter’s pores are big, so some coffee powder is mixed with espresso.

I have wondered that phenomenons. Like grainy, something wrong with my theeth, etc.

If I use paperfilter to remove fine powder, it cuts not only powder but also coffee oil, and coffee’s rich flavor is ruined.

Are there any ideas have functions like cut fine powder and keep its oil and flavor?

Through trial and error, I have developed “Stainless Silky Filter”.

I had discussed with many Japanese companies, special stainless steel thin and high strength is adopted.

With that material and Japan technology, the filter which has smaller pores than those of a maker of espresso machine is achieved.(patent pending)

It cuts coffee powder without losing extraction pressure.

  • Coffee Powder on Stainless Silky Filter

How To Use

1. Wet Stainless Silky Filter by water to attach it to Moka Pot

2. Set Stainless Silky Filter on Moka Pot.

3. Set Moka Pot’s filter plate on Stainless Silky Filter.

4. Set Moka Pot’s gasket.

5. Assemble the Moka Pot’s upper parts and under parts carefully not to slip Stainless Silky Filter from upper parts

Item        $15.0

Shipping  $6.0

Delivery Time  Varies by country  (About 7-14 Business days)