Stabilizer Plates For Hario Coffee Grinder CMMU-H1

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These two plates stabilize your “Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill Skerton” ‘s lower burr and makes It possible to get more consistent coarse grind.

They can be easily installed with only a screw driver because they are separated.

You don’t have to remove the lower burr from the grinder’s shaft by a special socket wrench.

The plates are made in Japan.

They can stabilize your grinder’s shaft with high dimensional accuracy.

Stainless steel 304 (often used for high grade tablewares) is used for the plates.

Of course they are washable.

You can wash them with your grinder by water.

Designed For The Following Coffee Grinders 


How To Fit

1. Remove lower burr and shaft

2. Remove screws

3. Remove upper burr and bracket

4. Put a plate like the following photo

5. Assemble upper burr, lower burr with shaft, and bracket

Adjust the bracket’s hall and lower burr’s notch.

6. Insert the shaft into a plate partway

Not completely but partway. you will have to insert the other plate between bracket and grinder later.

7. Insert the other plate into the opposite side

8. Adjust bracket’s halls and screw halls

9. Insert screws

Item        $12.5

Shipping  $6.0

Delivery Time  Varies by country  (About 7-14 Business days)