Drill Driver Bit For Rectangle Shaft Coffee Grinder CMAD-R1

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Hand coffee grinder is stylish. However, it takes too much time especially in a hectic morning.

Using the bit, your hand grinder can be turned by a drill driver.

Let’s transform your hand grinder into a powerful electric grinder!

CMAD-P1 is the mass production model coffee bit for new version Porlex coffee grinder with rectangle shaft.

So, the quality and durability are excessively superior to 3D printed one.

It is made of stainless steel 304 which is often used for high- grade tablewares.

Unlike normal drill driver bits, it is washable.

Designed For The Following Coffee Grinders 

Porlex (Coffee Grinder) 

This bit is designed for only new version porlex Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder and Mini Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder with Rectangle Shaft. It does not support old types of porlex grinders with pentagon shaft. Please confirm your porlex grinder’s shaft.

Recommended Drill Driver’s Specification

  • Torque:  More than 7 Nm (62 in-lbf)
  • Chuck:  Drill chucks or quick-change 1/4” hex chucks

Drill Drivers Whose Operation Confirmed


Note: The Torque of FIXA 7.2 V is only 5 Nm, but it has enough power for grinding coffee in our evaluation.

Item        $16.0

Shipping  $6.0〜

Delivery Time  Varies by country  (About 7-14 Business days)